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Hot Tub Cost in 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Stop scrolling through the sites in search of the price for your perfect hot tub! Read our article and find everything you need to know about a hot tubs’ cost in 2022!

Can’t figure out which hot tub price range is right for you? In our article, you will be able to find all the necessary information and understand better what are the price categories and price range they cover. You will also be able to find out what factors affect the price and get 3 tips from experts to help you choose the right model for an affordable price. So do not waste time and find your dream hot tub right now!

Types of hot tubs by price categories

There are hot tub models of different price categories. In our article, we have identified 3 main categories. To make it easier for you to navigate and make a choice, please take a look at the table below.

Price range
$500 – $1,500
What you will get
Type: In most cases inflatable hot tubs;
Jets: Have 114–170 soothing high-powered air jets located throughout the entire hot tub;
Control Panel: All have digital control panels with basic functions;
Material: Made from durable 3-PLY PVC material;
Filtration: 2-stage filtration (removing odors and sediment to improve water clarity);
Insulation: some of the models have Freeze Shield function which prevents the water from cooling down;
Led lights: In some models yes;
Seats: No;
Accessories: Some models include inflatable headrests;
Other information:
- Most models are inflatable so they are highly portable

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Price range
$1,500 – $6,000
What you will get
Type: Plastic, Stainless steel hot tubs;
Jets: 30–90 hydro jets (rotary, moving and directional) along the hot tub and on every seat;
Control Panel: Digital Backlit Display (with the touch of a button control the power of jets, water temperature, and lighting);
Material: Environmentally friendly and durable plastics; Fiber steel, which is reinforced with steel and wood to create the strongest shell in the industry;
Filtration: 2 or 4-stage filtration;
Insulation: Hot tubs are Freeze Resistant;
Led lights: Multi-color LED lighting;
Seats: Comfortable seats which are designed to the shape of the human body;
Accessories: Cover;
Other information:
- They can include an improved sound system;
- They have more complex modes (for example, to optimize energy savings);
- The hot tubs have a pump and stainless steel heater to regulate the water temperature

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Price range
$6,000 – $12,000+
What you will get
Type: Plastic, Acrylic hot tubs;
Jets: 50-130 hydro jets (rotary, moving and directional), which are comfortably located on every seat to provide the best massage;
Control Panel: Illuminated advanced control (more advanced topside control panel);
Material: Most models use environmentally friendly materials which reduce energy use up to 20%, in more expensive models up to 48%;
Filtration: 4-Stage Filtration (sediment filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and the post taste refining filter);
Insulation: Multi-layer insulation built for the most extreme weather conditions;
Led lights: Improved LED lighting (more colors and their variations);
Seats: Ergonomic seats with varying numbers and positions of hydrotherapy jets on them;
Accessories: Include cover, headrests, waterfall, LED light, filter, a cup holder;
Other information:
- Waterproof speakers and cable-free Bluetooth connectivity;
- Built-in aromatherapy functions;
- Better concentration on quality massage for every body part (for example, special rainbow waterfall for neck massage)

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Entry-level ($500 – $1,500)


This price category is the most affordable and the models include basic functions. Most are inflatable, but some can be made of plastic (most features will be the same).

Main pros:

  • Most models are made for portable usage. They have lift handles, the hot tub can be moved around with ease. It deflates compactly for optimal storage/transportation purposes;
  • Hot tubs have basic complex modes to optimize energy savings that match your preferred usage: standard, economy, and sleep modes (in more expensive models);
  • Despite the minimal price, models have good quality and durable materials. Most have TriTech 3-PLY PVC material (the strongest material for inflatable models)

Main cons:

  • The number of functions is quite limited and difficult to improve;
  • Not very comfortable for a large number of people due to lack of seats. It also affects the quality of the massage;
  • If you buy an inflatable model, it can not be used in cold weather (it can be insulated, read our article on how to do it, but it will be time-consuming)

Value-priced ($1,500 – $6,000)


This price category is the most common among buyers. It has a relatively low price and a large number of features that are not available in the entry-level category.

Main pros:

  • Hot tubs have seats and the jets are conveniently located in each of them which provides better massage;
  • Most models have upgraded ozone water purification system which keeps the water clean (also there are many other alternatives to chlorine);
  • Hot tubs have additional functions for sound such as Freedom Sound System with waterproof speakers and a subwoofer

Main cons:

  • LED lighting often does not have a wide choice of colors;
  • Unlike premium price category which has 3-stage or 4-stage filtration, most value–priced models have only 2-stage filtration so the water receives a slightly worse level of purification

Premium ($6,000 – $12,000+)


This price range is suitable for those who are looking for a model for long-term use (10 years+) and with many features. This category has many more features than the previous two and improved characteristics in every aspect.

Main pros:

  • Improved LED lighting (more colors and their variations), a hot tub can have up to 26 multi-color lights;
  • Waterproof speakers and cable-free Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Multi-layer insulation for the most extreme weather conditions, so to save you money on heating. 

Main cons:

  • They may have a relatively small number of jets. In some models, there are even less than 40 hydro jets (rotary, moving, and directional). They are located on each seat but do not always provide the best massage;
  • Many models are designed for 6 people, but due to the small size, everyone may feel uncomfortable;
  • Repairing and buying new parts will cost more due to the construction, which contains more expensive elements

3 tips from experts: how to choose the right hot tub price category?

Often when buying a hot tub, people make the same mistakes that are constantly repeated. Therefore, to prevent them, the team of experts has identified the top 3 tips that will help you choose a comfortable price for a hot tub and avoid overpaying for unnecessary extras.

3 tips from experts
  1. Select the right hot tub brand

This is the first and most difficult step in choosing the model you need. It is necessary to analyze the market of different manufacturers, to compare their models of hot tubs. Compare the number of water jets, see what materials these models are made of, whether they have any additional options, etc. 

The most important thing to pay attention to is their reputation and user feedback. This is very easy to check by reading a few comment sections under the models. Of course, these reviews are quite subjective, but thanks to them you can read not only the magic words of the manufacturer about the uniqueness of this product but also real information based on experience.

Carefully study which brands are the best. To protect yourself from a failed purchase, we advise you to know which brands should be avoided.

Select the right hot tub brand
  1. Energy efficiency factor

When buying a hot tub, you need to know that the energy efficiency is one of the most important issues. It is important to understand how energy efficient this model is. This will not only improve your experience, but also save money.

Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to what materials the jacuzzi is made of. For example, in the Premium price category ($6,000 – $12,000) there are models that use an environmentally friendly materials which reduce energy use up to 20%, sometimes even up to 48%. Value–priced often just have a multi-layer insulation made in such a way as to retain maximum heat and be prepared for the coldest weather conditions.

Energy efficiency factor
  1. Equipment, features, and options

After we have considered the main aspects, we can move on to more details. When choosing, it is also important to pay attention to the number of jets and their types. There are 2 main types: hydro jets (massage through water streams) and air jets (massage through air bubbles). 

Cheaper models use just air jets, which are located over the entire area of the hot tub. Hydro jets are providing real massage to your body, while air jets give some bubbles in the water without much massage effect. 

Also, pay attention to the filtration system. It often has 2 or 4 stages. Cheaper models often have only a 2-stage, which performs basic water purification. More expensive models have a 4-stage filtration, which includes sediment filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and the post taste refining filter. 4-stage filtration will always be more expensive, as the first contains many elements, and the second uses a lot of water. At the same time, water filtration remains the most efficient way to obtain clean water. It is still cheaper than distillation, ozonation, UV radiation, or other processing methods. The more degrees of filtration, the safer water is for your children and you. Therefore, we recommend that you install 4-stage filtration if possible.

Also, it’s important to pay attention to whether the hot tub has LED lighting, Bluetooth connection, sound system. Often only value–priced ($1,500 – $6,000) and premium ($6,000 – $12,000+) price categories have such characteristics, but it is easy to find a model from the entry–level category that has LED lighting. 

LED lighting can be installed after buying a hot tub (especially if the model is inexpensive and its initial price does not contain this feature). It is relatively inexpensive and does not always need the help of a master. There are lights that you can buy and install yourself. But if we are talking about a bluetooth system or sound system, in most cases it is already installed in the model. Of course, such a model will cost more. And even if it doesn’t have it from the beginning, installing these items will not be a cheap pleasure.

What factors do affect the price of a hot tub?

hot tub


The most important factor influencing the price is of course the functionality of the model. If your priority is to get basic functions such as water heating and the presence of jets, then you will find a hot tub in the price range of $500 – $1,500

If you want something better or you need a hot tub for therapeutic purposes, you can expect a price of $1,500 – $6,000. These models have a more professionally designed massage process, are more comfortable to sit on, and have more features: they are Freeze Resistant, have seats, and can include accessories such as cover. 

The general trend is that the more features a hot tub has, the more expensive it will be. However, many elements can be added later, in addition, they will be much cheaper.

The table below shows which additional items you can buy without overpaying for them in the hot tub set.

Cover$40 – $150
Drink Holders$20 – $200
Ozonator$100 – $300
Spa Lighting$10 – $70
Audio System$100 – $440
Headrests$25 – $80


Also one of the important factors is how many people the hot tub is designed for. Below are mentioned people capacity and the average prices for a hot tub.

2–3-person$500 – $6,000
4–5-person$2,000 – $12,000
6–7-person$3,000 – $15,000
8–10-person$8,000 – $20,000+


The price is also significantly influenced by the hot tub brand. Each brand has models of different price categories. The table below also includes information on the number of seats offered by the brand to make it easier for you to navigate.

BrandAverage pricePeople capacity
Bullfrog Spas$5,000 – $15,0003-10
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs$6,000 – $17,0002-6
Caldera Spas$2,500 – $16,0001-8
Catalina Spas$7,000 – $20,0002-7
Hot Spring$3,000 – $16,0002-7
QCA Spas$3,000 – $6,0002-4
Viking Spas$4,000 – $11,0002-8
Marquis Spas$4,000 – $8,0001-8
Sundance Spas$4,000 – $16,0002-7
Dimension One Spas$4,000 – $10,0001-8

Saltwater hot tubs: what is the price and is it worth buying?

Saltwater hot tubs

To begin with, let’s understand what a saltwater hot tub is and how it differs from the simple one. The difference between them is the addition of the salt cell chlorinator. Instead of adding chemicals directly to your hot tub, you add salt, which dissolves to produce natural chlorine. This chlorine helps in keeping the hot tub clean, safe, and hygienic.

In general, each hot tub can be converted into a saltwater one. You can read an article that contains a step-by-step guide and will describe in detail how to do it.

But there are hot tubs with a built-in saltwater system and the average price of such hot tubs varies between $4000 – $25000 depending on the size, brand, and additional features. In total, you need between $500 and $2,500 to convert your hot tub into saltwater one.

You can buy a special set and install it yourself. The price depends on the quality of the set and the number of elements included here. So, in fact, converting your hot tub to salt can be even more expensive than a fully-equipped model. For example, if your hot tub costs $5,000 and you want to make it a saltwater one, the total price can be as high as $10,000.

In general, this type of hot tub is often chosen instead of the usual ones, because it has many advantages: does not require you to constantly buy chemicals for water sanitization, does not irritate sensitive eyes and skin, keeps the stable quality of water, prevents nasty odor, and more.

You can find out more detailed information in our article: Saltwater Hot Tub in 2022: Worth the Deal? [Cost & Reviews]

So yes, buying such a saltwater hot tub will be a good choice that will only improve your hot tub experience. At the same time you can easily convert your usual hot tub into a salt one. Converting a usual hot tub can be even cheaper.

Is a hot tub a good investment?

Yes, it is. It has many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, good impact on muscle recovery, weight loss, and much more. If you have answered for yourself the 3 main questions and you know for sure what model you want, then yes, the hot tub will be a good investment

We advise you to pay attention to the Value-priced ($1,500 – $6000) price category. It will suit most users and will be able to satisfy you with a wide range of features. But whatever price range you choose, it is the thing that will help you relax morally and physically and bring positive emotions. Therefore, in any case, we advise you to make this purchase.


In this article, we have tried to explain to you as easily and easily as possible the difference between the four price categories: entry-level ($500 – $1,500), value-priced ($1,500 – $6,000), and premium ($6,000 – $12,000+).

We have described what features, pros and cons, each category has, how to make the right choice, what is a saltwater hot tub and what are its features. We hope that this article helped you understand what kind of model you want. So feel free to go and make a dream purchase!


💸 What is the lowest and highest price of a hot tub?

It all depends on what type of hot tub you mean. The cheapest models are inflatable hot tubs, their average minimum price is $500. The most expensive have a stronger structure and are made of solid materials. Their price is $20,000 +.

💡 Is it true that the more people the hot tub holds, the more expensive it is?

Not always. In most cases, indeed, the more people fit in the jacuzzi, the more expensive it is. But it happens that the hot tub can accommodate 2-3 people, and costs even more. It all depends on the brand and the number of features in the hot tub.

🏊‍♂️ What is a saltwater hot tub?

Any hot tub can be a saltwater one with the addition of a salt-chlorine generator. It means that instead of adding chemicals directly to your hot tub, you add salt, which dissolves to produce natural chlorine. This chlorine helps in keeping the hot tub clean, safe, and hygienic.

🤔 How to make the right choice when choosing a hot tub?

Before choosing a model, you should determine for yourself: what brand is the most suitable for you, think about energy efficiency factor, and features and options you want to see in your perfect model. You can then choose a price range using 3 main expert tips.

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