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Coleman Lay-z-Spa vs. SaluSpa: Which One is Best?

Looking for a perfect inflatable hot tub? What about a Coleman SaluSpa? The most detailed review is in our article. Reveal all the secrets with us.

The Coleman SaluSpa (formerly known as the Lay-Z-Spa) is among the most popular and best inflatable hot tub models on the market. You can now become a guru before buying a hot tub. In our article, we will reveal the features that make it a favorite amongst many. We not only discuss the main characteristics of this model, but we also look into its advantages and disadvantages based on user experience. You will also find information about how it works, how it cleans and retains heat. You will also find solutions to the most common problems. 

Capacity4-6 people
Water capacity242 gal (80%)
Max temperature104°F

Why did we choose to review the Coleman SaluSpa (Lay-Z-Spa)?

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa which was later rebranded to “SaluSpa” is a hot tub model designed in cooperation with the Coleman and Bestway brands.  This hot tub is as easy to set up as the Intex PureSpa hot tub models, but it is quicker to inflate and does not have any air leakage. You will also be satisfied with a price-quality ratio. Having almost the same quality as the Intex, Coleman sells hot tubs that are cheaper.  You can check the current SaluSpa price here.

This hot tub also has a bigger water capacity than the Intex PureSpa 4-person model. While the Intex one can hold 210 gallons of water, the maximum capacity of the Coleman one is 242 gallons. The SaluSpa is more spacious and ideal for up to 6 people. 

These features make the Coleman SaluSpa hot tub stand out amongst other models, and that is why we have chosen to review it. 

Are you about to buy a hot tub? Or are you an experienced owner?

In either cases, you must know how to take care of your hot tub properly. We know how to save you time and money on hot tub maintenance and we are ready to share all the tricks.

Who is the Coleman SaluSpa best suited for?

  1. First of all, it is the best option for those who want to use it for a party of up to 6 people or for those who wish to relax in it with family. This hot tub is perfect for both quiet family evenings and loud friend parties. You will not need to worry about fitting everyone in, as this model will be able to accommodate all heights and weights comfortably. Your guests will feel comfortable in the hot tub without feeling cramped. 
  2. Secondly, the Coleman SaluSpa is best for those who like to take care of their safety. Both the pump and the hot tub are pre-tested. Also, it has a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that trips at 6mA. The GFCI is designed to shut off the electric power in the event of a ground-fault, and it does this within as little as 1/40th of a second. 
  3. Thirdly, this hot tub is perfect to create a relaxing place in your backyard. The SaluSpa combines the air from the bubbles and the heat from the spa. As a result, you get a soothing massage system. 

Now let us take a look at the pros and cons of this hot tub.

Pros and cons of the Coleman SaluSpa (Lay-Z-Spa): Customer Experience


  1. The first advantage is the ease of assembly. This is a well-thought-out criterion as inflatable hot tubs are designed with the possibility to relocate them. You will need about 30 minutes to get everything set up, and then, another 10 minutes to inflate the hot tub. The time to fill it with water may vary as different customers use hoses with different pressure. For example, with a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute, you will need 4 hours to fill the hot tub with water. 
Easy to set up
— Customer from NY
Best purchase I have done
— Karen from WV
  1. The next advantage is the size of the hot tub. It is designed for 4-6 people, and 6 adults will fit comfortably. Pay attention to the amount of water that you use. The laws of physics work great here: the more people that get in, the higher the water level. Be careful not to spill the water. 
— Andrew C from FL
  1. Another notable advantage is the automatic shut off of the heater and the pump. This feature is for safety purposes. The heater and pump automatically shut off after 72 hours. This prevents the risk of overheating the hot tub. Some users are not too fond of the feature but a solution is to reset the ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI switch at least every two days.

    This feature also helps to cut electricity costs. Without the automatic shut off feature, you can have a bill of up to $100 per month. But when you turn the automatic shut off feature on, it will cut your bill to around $80 per month. To compare, in our article about Intex PureSpa, we found that maintenance of the PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set can cost you up to $120 per month. Note that the energy price may vary by region.  
  1. Last but not least is the heating speed. After the installation, you will need approximately 24 hours to reach a temperature of 104 F degrees (the average hot tub needs up to 48 hours). Then the SaluSpa will heat the water approximately 2-3 F degrees per hour. Notice that if the water is below 40 F degrees, the pump will not turn on. This is to prevent ice from entering it. 
We love this inflatable hot tub
— Tina from CO


  1. The paper instructions are not clear. Some buyers mention difficulties in following the instructions in the user manual. However, you can find user-friendly video tutorials on the Coleman website, as well as on YouTube.
Great product
— Donna from NY
  1. There may be pump errors at times. Different codes indicate the cause of the problem. Every code has a corresponding solution which you can find here.


The Coleman SaluSpa has a beam construction. This design offers superior structural stability and maintains a comfortable surface. The main points of the construction of the hot tub are listed below.


The hot tub is made from the Bestway patented Tritech material. It is a synthetic, UV resistant, 3x fortified material. This results in the durability of the spa’s walls. The structure of this material also helps to retain its shape. That is why it does not matter how many times you inflate or deflate the hot tub: it will always retain its shape.

Digital Control Panel

You can easily set up your hot tub with a built-in digital control panel


First, you will need to press a button to unlock the system and then you can control everything. There are separate buttons to activate the heating system and turn on/ off the filter pump. Adjust the temperature and set the heating duration to get the hot tub ready at your suitable time. You can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can also activate the massage system and relax whilst your hot tub is turned on. A power-saving timer also helps to reduce costs.  


The Coleman SaluSpa uses AirJet technology. It blows air into the water from the bottom of the spa. That is how the relaxing massage effect is created. As the air enters from the bottom and has a power of 114 bubble jets, this will provide you with the best back and feet massage. The system can be activated with the touch of a button. 

The heating system

The heating system of the Coleman SaluSpa is intuitive and efficient. Thanks to the control panel, you can set the start and finishing time of the jacuzzi heating, as well as set the temperature. You could also switch to the rapid heating feature.

The heating system needs approximately one hour to heat 242 gallons of water by 2-3°F degrees. That is why you will need around 24 hours to heat the hot tub for the first time after the assembly. The time may vary depending on the water temperature that you use to fill the tub. In any case, it is a quick process, as the average tub needs 48 hours. To maintain the water temperature, do not hesitate to use the included cover. Below is a table of how much time you will need to heat the tub to 104°F depending on the ambient and starting water temperature. Remember: do not use water that is colder than 40°F.

Ambient temperatureWater temperatureSet temperatureHeating duration
50°F50°F104°F32 h
59°F59°F104°F26 h
68°F68°F104°F20 h
77°F77°F104°F14 h
86°F86°F104°F9 h

The cleaning system

The cleaning system which is represented by filters is also an important part of the hot tub. It prevents the development of bacteria and fungi in the water. This spa has a ChemConnect dispenser. It is a chemical dispenser that disperses a stable level of chlorine throughout the spa. This assists in keeping the water clean and safe for use. 

Having the right pH, bromine level, and alkalinity is also important to keep the water usable. No chemicals are included in the Coleman SaluSpa but you can easily buy them online. You will need:

To pick a sanitizing system (chlorine or bromine), get to know more about chemicals, and how to choose them, read our article

We recommend buying these things separately rather than taking a prepackaged starter kit because sometimes they do not have all the necessary chemicals (e.g. no sanitizer) and rather contain unnecessary items like a metal remover. But if you still would prefer to have everything in one package, we found the best starter kits for chlorine and bromine sanitizing systems. 

Also, do not forget to change the filters. They are washable but to keep the water clean and ensure that they are working properly, replace the filters every 2 weeks.          

Coleman SaluSpa: characteristics

We have listed the characteristics of this hot tub in the table below. 

Modelcoleman-lay-z-spaColeman SaluSpa
ManufacturerBestway and Coleman
Product Dimensions77 x 77 x 28 inches
Inflated size77 x 28 inches
Capacity4-6 people
Water capacity242 gal (80%)
Actual water flow320 gal./h
Item weight88 pound
Filled weight2,103 lbs
Max temperature104°F
Heating to 104°F~ 24 hours
Increased heat rateApproximately 2-3°F/h
Air bubble jets114
Massaging turbo blower6.5A
Heat element11.3A at 68­°F
Pump0.7A Circulation filter pump
Power rate12A at 68­°F
Working pressure1.2 PSI (0.08 Bar)
Power saving timerYes
Chemical dispenserChemConnect™
Electrical outlet110 v
IncludesCover, pump, ChemConnect chemical dispenser,
2 filter cartridges

Coleman SaluSpa pump problems and their solutions

As mentioned before, you may have some problems relating to the pump. There are 6 main codes, with their corresponding causes, reasons, and solutions to make the problems easier to address. We have listed them below: 

Error code
E01The water flow sensors work without pressing the filter or heat buttonThe water flow sensor flags did not fall back into their correct positionUnplug the pump, strike the side of the pump firmly, and plug it back in
E02The water flow sensors do not detect the water flow1. You forgot to remove the 3 stopper caps from inside the pool
2. The filter cartridges are dirty
1. Remove the 3 stopper caps before heating.
2. Remove the filter set from inside the pool and push the filter or heat button. If no alarm appears, clean or change the filter cartridges and install the filter set inside the pool
The water temperature is below 40°F
The spa is not designed to operate with water temperatures lower than 40°F. Unplug the pump and only restart the pump when the water temperature reaches 43°F
The water temperature is over 119°F
The spa is not designed to operate with water temperatures greater than 104°F. Unplug the pump and only restart the pump when the water temperature reaches 100°F or lower
E05Issues with the pump’s thermometer connections1. The pump's thermometer connectors do not work properly.
2. The pump's thermometer is broken
Contact your local Bestway After-Sales service point to get instructions
E06The thermal cut-out cut offThe ambient temperature is over 122°F or the pump is directly under the sunshineUnplug the pump, and put the pump in a dry, cool place. Only restart the pump when the water temperature reaches 93.2°F or lower

Spa accessories for the best experience

We hope that you enjoy the Coleman SaluSpa. But some accessories will enhance the soaking experience.

Spa Pillow and Spa Steps

Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

It is a waterproof pillow that will help you relax in your hot tub. It has an orthopedic design that provides support for your head, shoulder, neck, and back.

Confer Plastics Handi-Step Spa Step

Use spa steps to easily get in and out of your jacuzzi. This model is made of plastic and is lightweight. You can clean it with just soap and water.

Foot Soaking Bath Basin

Foot Soaking Bath Basin

Be sure that you use really clean water in your hot tub to prolong the filters’ life. It also helps to wash your feet before you get in the hot tub.

Snacks and Drinks Holder


Bestway Plastic SaluSpa Drinks Holder
and Snack Tray for Side Wall

You are bound to feel peckish in the water. With a convenient drinks holder and a snack tray, all your favorite snacks and drinks will be at hand. 

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights,
IPX7 Waterproof Floating Speaker

Listen to your favorite music even in the water. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a wireless connection range of 45 feet. You can enjoy your favorite music while you soak for up to 8 hours from one battery charge. 


The Coleman SaluSpa or the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa (as it was called previously) is an inflatable hot tub designed for 4-6 adults. You will be satisfied with a price-quality ratio. This hot tub heats the water fairly quickly and thanks to its durable and well-thought-out construction, it works well in retaining the desired temperature. Features like a user-friendly control panel make it easier to set your tub according to your needs. You will need around 40 minutes to assemble and inflate the unit and around 24 hours to heat the water.


📍 From where can I buy the Coleman SaluSpa?

You can buy the Coleman SaluSpa both offline and online. The best online price is on Amazon and eBay.

🧼What chemicals do I need for my Coleman SaluSpa (Lay-Z-Spa)?

To keep your Coleman SaluSpa (Lay-Z-Spa) clean, you will need:

– Test Strips: for a chlorine sanitizer hot tub or a bromine sanitizer hot tub
pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, and Total Alkalinity Increaser
– Sanitizer: Chlorine or Bromine
– Spa Shock: Chlorine or Non-Chlorine
Flush Line Product
Filter Deep Cleaner

Find more details on chemicals in our article.

⛄Can I use the Coleman SaluSpa in winter?

No, you cannot use the spa when the ambient temperature is lower than 39°F.

🆘How can I troubleshoot my Coleman SaluSpa?

There are 6 main error codes. For example, to solve “E01”, you need to unplug the pump, strike the side of the pump firmly and plug it back in. The solution to other errors depends on their reasons. You can find more information in our article.

⏱️How long does it take for the Coleman SaluSpa to heat up?

In general, it takes around 24 hours. But this time may vary depending on the ambient temperature and the starting water temperature.

Did you like the article? Was it helpful?


  1. We’ve only had the Hot Tub for about a week. So far it’s been everything we had hoped. Set up was easy. No problems running it.

  2. I’ve had my Coleman Saluspa for over a year & I swear by this hot tub! I bought it used from a couple on line & it works beautifully! Airs up fast, pump turns on & off easily, hardly costs anything to maintain, and I know they said not to use it in freezing temperatures but it didn’t hurt mine at all course we don’t hardly freeze here in Texas but it did freeze for a few days and I didn’t realize it the first day or two and then I went and turned my pump off. After the freeze it started right back up when I turned it on. We get a lot of sand, salt, wind and rain here in this coastal town and I don’t even have my pump covered and it just keeps on going! I’m fixing to sell mine to a neighbor because I want a square one.

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