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Aleko Hot Tubs Review: One of the Worst Jacuzzi Brands

In this article we review Aleko hot tubs and recommend top alternatives – all based on interviews with service engineers and real customers.
Aleko Hot Tubs

Soaking in a hot tub is a healthy and natural way to unwind, relieve stress, improve sleep, and even reduce pain through vascular dilation.

And, nowadays, creating a “spa spot” at home has become even easier with the advent of inexpensive inflatable hot tubs (some of them even have hydro jets).

However, this also means that any disappointment is more acute if, after buying a hot tub, you get improper assembly, a badly built product, and unhelpful customer support 

In order to help you avoid a bad hot tub experience, we’ve surveyed hundreds of user ratings and quotes about hot tub brands to find out which one is giving buyers a bad experience. We found one name that kept coming up again and again — Aleko.

What does the company produce?
Real Aleko hot tub rating below

Aleko is a company that produces dog booths, household nets, and inflatable unicorns. And they also make jacuzzis.

On the official Aleko website, the manufacturer boasts that they are known in the US and beyond for their “galvanized steel driveway gates”. The motto of the company — “Quality Products, Affordable Prices”.

We decided to see if it really so perfect.

Aleko staff pose in front one of their outlets
Source: Aleko

How we did our research

Our team of researchers and experts are very meticulous about choosing a hot tub. In order to understand which models are really the best, we not only test different hot tubs and study the specifications of each model, but we also consult with technical experts. Also, we are constantly monitoring consumer opinion, so in our current research, we have analyzed about 800 reviews of actual users of inflatable hot tubs.

Thus, we come to a clear and reasoned conclusion — which brands and models are the best on the market and why.

About Byrossi® methodology

The aim of our work is not just a superficial study of consumer preferences, but also identifying the core needs and desires of hot tub users.

Our process has six main stages.

Byrossi® analysis methodology

To prepare this material, we surveyed user’s opinions about a range of hot tub brands, not just Aleko. It was important for us to understand what causes consumer’s dissatisfaction and, on the more important flip side, what consumers like. 

In conducting the survey, we established an interesting fact — users of hot tubs are very aware that their actual experience was very different from what they had expected when buying a product.

For example, the massage effect — a key feature of hot tubs — isn’t so much determined by the number of jets as by the direction that the bubble or water comes. Such details will be known only to someone who has studied and understood the specifics of the hot tub.

After we completed our survey, we conducted additional in-depth interviews with consumers to determine what criteria are really important for inflatable hot tub users. Then we collated the new data to find out how consumers truly view the Aleko products.

If you only choose an inflatable hot tub, then it will be helpful for you to read the views of several hundred people who have long used inflatable hot tubs. in this article, you will also find comments and tips from different experts about choosing the right model for you and the best inflatable hot tub in the market.

Concise overview of all Aleko hot tub models

There are three main kinds of Aleko inflatable jacuzzi on the market.
These are the two-, four- or six-person inflatable hot tubs. Aleko used to make portable models but has now discontinued production.
Aleko’s tubs are generally delivered quite promptly, usually within a week. Another positive feature is that Aleko’s hot tubs are very easy to install. You only need to unpack the tub and inflate it. Even for their jacuzzi, you don’t need special supports. One person can easily pull the tub around the house or yard.

Aleko hot tub lineup
Source: Aleko

However, problems begin after the installation. Based on more than 150 customer
, we can state that there’s 43% that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase. It’s like toss a coin (but not to your witcher): will it work or not?

  • First problem: Aleko sometimes sends a faulty hot tub that refuses to turn on. Apparently, they even sell hot tubs that other buyers have rejected. Unfortunately, these items also often malfunction.
I bought one of these tubs and the heater/blower is “inside” the spa so when the cheap ceramic “impeller” in the heater dies after 3-4 months of 50 hours of use its a real humbug to replace. I had to replace it 4 times within the first 8 months and I finally rewired and re-routed the internal heater to an external pool pump with larger motor and impeller. Unless you are an avid DIYer then buy a spa with an external motor and pump.

– Angelo Valentino, TX

  • Second problem: even if the hot tub is installed and starts to work, then 20% of users discover another issue. The water warms up to the set temperature very slowly (max. +1 °F per hour) or it will only heat up to 72-75 degrees instead of the standard 105 degrees. Even if you pour already heated water into the hot tub, it will in short order become unpleasantly cool. This happens whether the tub is in your room or on the street, in winter or in summer.
Less then two months old and the power cord that comes with the hot tub is broken, the heater never reaches the desire temperature. The customer service for the manufacturer has no service department and refuses to assist in exchanging or refunding

– A customer from NM

  • Third problem: buying Aleko is like buying a lottery ticket. Every fifth negative review complains that the new jacuzzi is inflated unevenly, passes air through the seam, or simply leaks.

I just took it out for the first time and it will not stay inflated, not good

– Gwen, TX

And that’s not all. If you want to solve these problems, fix the faults, or return or exchange the hot tub, it is unlikely that Aleko’s customer service will help you. Users continually complain that they can’t get any service at all and that managers take several weeks to respond to their emails, calls, and requests, if at all.

Aleko hot tubs can leak air and be inflated unevenly
Source: Aleko

Aleko — a hot tub that sometimes shocks you

As we noted above, Aleko’s hot tubs have problems with the heating. The heaters often malfunction, do not warm the water properly, or the hot tub’s body does not retain heat effectively.


Even worse, Aleko hot tubs sometimes give an electrical shock or have a “toxic smell that burns your eyes and nose” (so much so that even the neighbors complain about the smell).

This hot tub is a shock – literally. It sends an electric current through the water! Aleko rep was no help, said I have to go through Amazon for refund. I’m afraid to set foot in another Aleko tub.

– A customer from KS

Additionally, each of the models also has its own specific set of problems. We compared different Aleko models and the problems which users have been getting with each.

A comprehensive guide to Aleko models

The company produces three models — two-, four- and six-person inflatable hot tub, which come in various colors and three different shapes (square, round, oval).

We have collected more than 150 reviews of the three Aleko hot tub models and analyzed what customers most often complain about. The more often the problem occurs, the more dislikes the model has.

Common Problems of Aleko hot tubs

What do consumers think about Aleko

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of reviews each model got.

Two-person Aleko hot tub

2-person Aleko hot tub

Negative reviews: 52.6%
Heater problems — 30%
Faulty inflation and leaks — 20%
Cramped hot tub — 15%

More than half of reviews for Aleko two-person hot tubs were negative and 1/3 of them were about a bad heater (users said it heats for a very long time, does not heat up to the desired temperature, quickly breaks down, frequent breakdowns).
In addition to problems with the heater, uneven inflation and leaks, users also complained that the hot tub is quite cramped. Two average-sized persons fit very tightly and there is no free space at all. Users of two-seater Aleko hot tubs got poor customer service more often than customers who bought the other two models.

The tub did not heat to the stated temperature. Additionally, because the bubble feature is only at the bottom, it isn’t therapeutic at all. Very disappointed with the purchase and will be returning it.

– A customer from AL

Never got truly hot like a hot tub should. We even bought a portable water heater so that the water running into it *started out* at 96F but after 48 hours, the temperature never exceeded that. It was easy to set up though, so there’s that. Ultimately we returned it.

– A customer from PA

Four-person Aleko hot tub

4-person Aleko hot tub

Negative reviews: 31%
Heater breakdowns — 50%
Bad inflation and leaks — 20%
Cramped hot tub — 15%

More than 50% of negative reviews about four-person hot tubs include complaints about a bad heater. In addition, users have complained that the injectors are often plugged up and are unstable. This means that the user doesn’t get the main benefits of a hot tub — relaxation and a healing massage.

Additionally, the jets in Aleko hot tubs are not particularly powerful. Aleko claims that you will get a light massage but, in practice, users complain that the effect is very weak and not at all satisfying.

The internal pump and heater burn out after 3 months of use (cheap ceramic impeller shaft breaks). I have been using mine for 2 years only because I re-routed the internal heater with much ingenuity to and external Intex pool pump which is only $40 to replace and is obviously much higher quality. My suggestion is to buy a Coleman inflatable spa with the external pump/heater motor. At least when the cheap ceramic impeller shaft breaks it is far easier to fix than with this spa which will have to empty the spa, dry it out, uncouple and remove interior motor/pump, dis-assemble heater from the unit, remove impeller shaft, buy nonmagnetic brass shaft, cut it just right, replace and re-assemble and keep fingers crossed- rinse repeat every 3 months- don’t go there.

Joey, OH

When I set it up the heater for the water did not work. C/S did not help, but Home Depot did. They refunded me when I returned it back to store.

– Mike, WI

Six-person Aleko hot tub

6-person Aleko hot tub

Negative reviews: 37.1%
Heater doesn’t work properly — 69.2%
Other frequent breakdowns — 23.1%
No guaranteed service — 7.7%

As you might expect, the larger six-seater hot tubs got even more negative reviews about the quality of the heater, which even in the two- and four-person models didn’t do the job well. Frequent breakdowns, such as “burned out wire”, “the entire hot tub stopped working”, “blower stopped working”, are also constant complaints from people who purchased the 6-seater Aleko hot tubs.

This is number 2 and heater went out again after 3 months don’t waste your money

– Donna, VA

“Blower stopped working after a month of receipt, with not much use at all.. very disappointing”

– Shawn, GA

Aleko customer service. Does it exist?

Even if your Aleko hot tub works well at first, it’s not likely to work for long. More than  20% of negative reviews  about products mention that the hot tub broke after several uses. 

The warranty period is quite short, usually about 30 days. But several buyers said that the hot tubs failed after being used one or two times, with a maximum of six to seven. So if you do buy an Aleko hot tub, test it immediately after delivery. You should also use the hot tub at least once every five days in the first month so you can discover any faults sooner rather than later.

According to users, getting a response from  Aleko’s support service  is extremely problematic. And, even if you do get through, you have to wait a month for, say, a patch kit. And even their patch kits are sometimes faulty — one user got a vinyl patch with no glue included.

Less then two months old and the power cord that comes with the hot tub is broken, the heater never reaches the desired temperature. The customer service for the manufacturer has no service department and refuses to assist in exchanging or refunding

– A customer from MT

Users also note that the repair kit doesn’t help in some cases so they would prefer to return the product. The return policy partly depends on where you bought this product so, in the case of Aleko hot tubs, you should clarify all the details on this matter BEFORE the purchase in order to avoid exorbitant fees to send back a malfunctioning hot tub.

I am extremely unhappy. I received my tub set it up 1st time and it is not holding air. Then talked to a nice lady on the phone and they are sending a patch kit. This is a brand new tub I should not have to patch anything. I really would just like my money back. The shipping cost is extremely high to send it back so it’s really not free returns.  I am very unhappy. I would appreciate it if someone would reach out to me.”

– Dave Mckay, BC Canada

Your only options may be to sell the tub for a quarter of the price or pay the full cost of repairs yourself.

What do Aleko consumers REALLY want?


After reading many reviews, ratings and articles about the Aleko hot tub, we identified the core expectation of the people who bought these hot tubs. 

Basically, they wanted a portable spa that could be quickly installed in both the backyard and indoors. It goes without saying that they don’t expect the hot tub to malfunction. But, if that happens, they want fast repairs or a quick exchange or an easy return policy

We have analyzed the views of more than 800 people who have already bought and used an inflatable hot tub. They revealed the most important criteria for choosing an inflatable hot tub.

Most impact factors on your hot tub long-term satisfaction Byrossi©

The two-person hot tub should be  roomy , not cramped. The large six-person hot tub needs to  warm quickly  and remain warm during the night party or a relaxing evening.

As Aleko users have noted, Aleko tubs meet the first requirement — their hot tubs are really  easy to install . But the company does not satisfy the other criteria, hence the many negative reviews. So, if you want a headache and additional problems, then, by all means, buy an Aleko hot tub. But if you want to really recover and relax through a good spa experience, you need to find a hot tub that can fulfill all your needs.

In this regard, it’s not enough to just buy a popular model. Choosing a hot tub is a rather laborious process, and in order to get the best model you need to really understand the topic. Therefore, relying on the best seller can be risky.

In order to make your choice easier, we’ve prepared a complete analysis of about 40 different models of inflatable hot tubs. We have compiled a  comprehensive list of inflatable hot tubs  and selected the best ones based on a complete analysis of the market, along with comments from industry experts.

When it comes to hot tubs, don’t be like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates: know what you’re going to get. With our help, you will be able to choose a hot tub model that has been checked by hundreds of users, who have also had their hot tubs long enough to identify any flaws. So you can be assured that your chosen hot tub will become an irreplaceable source of relaxation for you.

Which hot tub is better to choose instead of Aleko?

Our choice (based on 785-plus customers reviews analysis)

Coleman SaluSpa: best value 4-person hot tub

  • “Easy and fast set up” spa. Just a couple of minutes.
  • Spacious hot tub. Enough space for four people.
  • Comfortable and powerful jets. Perfect for an effective massage.

Price: $$

Coleman SaluSpa
Source: Coleman

The company that produces these hot tubs has been in the market 105 years longer than Aleko. Coleman hot tubs have long established themselves as reliable hot tubs for relaxation. 

According to a survey of consumer opinions, this hot tub is roomy and equipped with comfortable and powerful jets. Additionally, the SaluSpa is simple and convenient to install.

Unlike Aleko, the Coleman model has a heater on the outside. If you need to fix the Aleko model, you have to empty the spa, dry it out, uncouple and remove the interior motor/pump, and disassemble the heater from the unit.
So even if your Coleman tub malfunctions, you will not have to spend a week fixing it. 

The Coleman SaluSpa comes with lots of accessories. You get an air pad protector that helps maintain water temperature, two filter cartridges for replacement, one chemical floater to keep water germ-free, and even a repair kit for fixing minor problems.

The lid fits snugly into the hot tub and is also equipped with safety lock clips.

So you can never have to worry about the temperature of the water in the hot tub — it will always be at the right level.
Moreover, by using a timer, you can ensure that the hot tub is already warm when you’re ready to use it.

The system contains protective mechanisms that extend the life of the hot tub. These functions are automatic.

  • The engine turns off automatically if the temperature drops below 40.
  • The pump has a residual current device that helps form a good water pressure.
This is our 2nd Coleman hot tub and I gotta say – this product does not disappoint. It our 2nd only because we ran the 1st one into the ground and we re-upped. Highly recommend.

– Kelleykins, AL

Pleasurable addition to Coleman SaluSpa

For fans of extra comfort, Coleman has a model with a cushioned floor. It’s made from a soft material that keeps its shape perfectly, so you won’t slip or fall in the bathroom. You won’t think of anything but rest when you’re in a SaluSpa.

We put it on our brick patio, but first we put down packages of the interlocking colorful squares from Sam’s which gave us a great cushion. The jets are wonderful and massage away shoulder tension. Getting into the spa is so easy as the sides are strong and it is leg high. We did not want to spend a lot of money so we got more than we paid for. We are learning how to adjust the chemical needs and the little test kits at Walmart have helped us. We bought extra filters so we are able to switch them out and wash the used ones in the sink. Another great benefit is that we were able to plug the pump into a regular outlet…no special wiring. We highly recommend it.

– Tifanni Wilson, SD

Intex Pure Spa: 6-person stylish bubble hot tub

  • Quick to assemble.
  • Professional massage bubble jets
  • Has a powerful quiet and reliable pump

Price: $$$

Intex Pure Spa
Source: Intexcorp

Intex has long been producing hot tubs which ensure you don’t have to worry about anything other than your relaxation. Their models are reliable, and customer service is always available to you for any type of breakdown.
This PureSpa model is one of the most comfortable hot tubs, which makes you feel as though you’re in a portable $2-3K. spa.

More than 75% of the reviews about the model are positive.

Users note that they really like the jets of this hot tub. It’s also very easy to install and inflates in just 20 minutes.
In this model, you get 170 soothing high-powered bubble jets. The water heats at the usual speed but, more importantly for such a capacious hot tub, it retains heat very well — even during the night in the backyard, the tub’s temperature drops by only 3-5 °F. 

Even though it wasn’t on Prime, our hot tub/spa arrived a week early! Assembly went quickly – in all, it took about an hour to get it all setup and start adding water. It took about 24 hrs for the temp to come up to 103 degrees but that was probably due to the kids using it as soon as it was full. On the second night, the temp was 103 and while using the spa, the temp only dropped to 101. I am very, very satisfied with this product and the accessories that came with this spa, 2 seats, and 2 headrests. I also ordered the cup holders that work great and are a must-have!! LOVE IT!!

– A customer from MT

The manufacturer has done everything possible to get the ultimate spa experience in relaxing water. Fiber-Tech interior construction offers superior structural stability so you get the ultimate comfortable spa seats surface while soaking in the tub.
Thanks to these seats (which are already included), this hot tub is suitable for persons of any height. Here you can stretch out to your full height or just sit and relax. 

Also, you can use inflated headrests for an even better experience. The slip-resistant PureSpa seat allows you to sit comfortably in the spa and gives you added height with 2 different height options — 3 inches and 5.8 inches. 

Extra self-care and comfort.

In addition, this model comes with a built-in hard water treatment system that makes water gentler on your skin, clothes, and the entire spa system.

We absolutely love this, best investment we ever made! Have owned for 6 months!

– Thomas Lash, TX

SaluSpa Siena AirJet: distinct and comfortable inflatable two-person hot tub 

  • Extremely roomy. The most spacious small hot tub.
  • Cost-effective. Affordable price under $500, quiet and energy-efficient.
  • Perfectly designed. Durable, enough leg room, very comfortable.

Price: $$

SaluSpa Siena Inflatable Hot Tub
Source: Bestway

Users rated this hot tub as very roomy. It not only has a unique streamlined shape, but it’s also longer than a regular hot tub. There’s enough space for two people, with plenty of legroom.

On average, inflatable hot tubs are heated by 1-2 °F per hour. This model can heat up to 3-4 °F per hour. So the Salu Spa not only heats up very quickly but also retains heat well. This hot tub has an insulated top cover, designed specifically for this model, which fits snugly around the tub.

The outer body of the hot tub is sheathed with dense wear-resistant material. Inside, there are two relaxation areas with soft pillows. It’s like sitting in an expensive leather chair, but with massaging hot water enveloping you as well.

Thanks to Bestway’s own I-Beam construction method, this hot tub will be puncture resistant for years. It will retain its shape and function perfectly after many uses.

Additionally, unlike Aleko, Bestway companies usually process requests from customers very quickly. If there are any problems, issues are efficiently resolved.
If it happens that the tub is damaged or punctured, the manufacturer immediately supplies the repair kit.

There’s always the possibility of a leak with an inflatable tub. But it was fine for 6 months of use and then the repair kit they provided let me fix the leak with no problem.

– Jane, CA

A not-so-obvious fact about SaluSpa Siena

SaluSpa Siena AirJet is about the only inflatable jacuzzi in which you can stretch out to your full height and not feel crowded. This tub is perfect for a tall person because the inside length is almost 80 inches.

It took me just 10 minutes to set up this inflatable hot tub. It fits two people easily and, even though I’m a tall person, I was able to stretch out fully. My wife and I really like it, especially the air bubbles. One of the best purchases we ever made.

– Russel, TX

One last word before you choose

Our life consists of joys and problems. People who make the wrong choice and buy a low-quality product pay for the fact that a problem arises in their life. Persons who have studied the opinions of experts are most likely to buy joy in their lives.

It’s not important what type of individual you are. If you read this article and make your choice, then you will have more warm and joyful memories from your roomy comfortable spa.

On the other hand, if you buy Aleko hot tubs you will experience dubious pleasures such as:

✅ Small stimulative electric shocks;

✅ Soaking in the bubbles that come from the deflating hot tub shell;

✅ Listening to “No operators are available at the moment” melody;

✅ Regular DIY stuff (you will have to do one to two-part replacements per month).

Take care of yourself and buy what you REALLY want — an opportunity to be with loved ones, get healthy and relax in the spa. Choose alternatives tested by time and thousands of users so you make the best purchase. 


😱 Are Aleko hot tubs good?

Generally, more than 43% of customers have had different problems with the Aleko brand. The most common issues were related to heater breakdowns, an uneven inflated spa, and air leaks. The company also received complaints because some customers received damaged hot tubs.

🤬 Does the Aleko hot tub really shock you with electricity?

Yes, but it’s not common. If you buy Aleko hot tubs, you will have to deal with some issues that include small stimulative electric shocks or repairs (you will have to do one to two-part replacements per month).

🔝What to consider when buying a hot tub?

List of the most important criteria (while choosing a hot tub):

– Easy to set up
– Quick heating
– Comfortable and powerful water/air circulation

* find more + examples in the article

💶 What is the best hot tub for the money?

It depends on your requirements. Do you need something budget-friendly? Or, maybe you need a spa for your pool party or self-care pampering session? Do you need a hot tub for some family time with the kids? In our recent research, we have analyzed around 800 reviews of actual users of inflatable hot tubs. To understand which models are the best, we not only tested different hot tubs and studied the specifications of each model, but we also consulted with technical experts.

🔝 Which is the best inflatable hot tub?

One of the best models on the market is the SaluSpa Siena AirJet. It is the most spacious small hot tub and has a budget-friendly price under $500. The model is also quiet in operation and energy-efficient, enabling you to save money.

🤨 What are the most reliable inflatable hot tubs?

We analyzed over 850 real customer reviews and can recommend 3 reliable models.

The Intex Pure Spa: 6-person stylish, bubble hot tub
The Coleman SaluSpa: best value 4-person hot tub
– The SaluSpa Siena AirJet: a distinct and comfortable inflatable two-person hot tub


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