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How to Vacuum a Pool with Various Contaminants

Different pool cleaning methods are appropriate for different degrees of pollution, so let’s take a look at when and how best to vacuum your pool.
How to Vacuum a Pool with Various Contaminants

Sometimes we hear from pool owners, “How do I vacuum the pool and how often?”. Honestly, we do not welcome the standard time recommendations about when to clean the pool, such as “at least once a week” “once a month,” etc.

You should always understand that you have to pay attention to how dirty your pool is and how often you use it. For example, if you live in an area with strong winds and sand you have to clean your pool more often than people with a calmer environment.

So, since for varying degrees of contamination of the pool suitable different ways to clean it, let’s consider below when and how best to vacuum the pool.

Degrees of contamination of the pool and ways to clean it

Lots of dirt

If you haven’t used your pool in a long time, or if you have any outside factors that are heavily clogging your pool, you may need a powerful tool to clean your pool. The best way to do this is with a hose cleaner.

Vacuum operation from a hose

These vacuums may seem non-serious and inefficient. But they use water pressure from the garden hose to create a vacuum. That is, with good water pressure, the suction will be strong enough to suck up algae, rocks, bumps, etc. It works fast enough, but this connection to the hose also creates additional difficulties and inconveniences in cleaning.

Vacuum operation from a hose

Read more about the best pump of its kind and the important nuances of its use here.

Regular cleaning of small debris

Skimmers can only remove floating leaves, dirt, and debris. But most of the debris that enters the pool floats for 3-4 hours and then sinks to the bottom. In this case, there is an unpleasant feeling under your feet and you want to quickly and easily clean the floor. There are two good options for this purpose:

Pool robot

This is a great helper that will make cleaning the pool much easier and give you more free time. But it is also the most expensive option.

Pool robot

Find a solution for your swimming pool: 3 Pool Cleaner Robots: An Engineer’s Pick

Electric vacuum cleaner for underwater cleaning 

It is very similar to a regular vacuum cleaner, easy to use and it has no wires or hoses. Cons: Over time, the battery keeps less charge.

Electric vacuum cleaner for underwater cleaning

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Spot cleaning of debris

If you need to spot clean debris (sand, pebbles, etc.) from your pool, you have a few options. You can use a brush to scrub the affected areas.  But if you have a lot of debris, or if it’s in hard-to-reach places, an electric vacuum is probably your best bet.

Manual operation vacuum

This vacuum cleaner requires no power or connection to a filter, so it’s reliable and inexpensive. But it is best suited for small jobs, otherwise, it would be very costly in time and effort.

Manual operation vacuum


💧 How often should I vacuum my pool?

There is no universal answer to this question. You should always understand that you have to pay attention to how dirty your pool is and how often you use it. However, a good rule of thumb is to vacuum your pool once a week.

🤔 Is a pool vacuum necessary?

A pool vacuum cleaner is something that will make pool maintenance much easier and improve the user experience.

😨 Why is my pool dirty after I vacuum it?

Most often it is because of the wrong type of vacuum cleaner for the dirt. Read how to vacuum a pool with different contaminants here.

☑️ How to choose a vacuum cleaner for a hot tub/pool?

– If you have a small patch of dirt or a little dirt, a manual operation vacuum may be sufficient.
– If you have a large hot tub and/or pool, a battery-operated cleaner would be a good choice for you.
– If you need a vacuum to clean a lot of dirt or large debris, an operation from a hose vacuum cleaner is a better choice.

💎 What kind of vacuum cleaner is suitable for both the jacuzzi and the pool?

Vacuum cleaners that are a good fit for both a jacuzzi and a pool include the Blaster Max that runs on a battery (but you need to buy a pole for cleaning the pool) and the Mini Jet-Vac that runs on a hose — the fastest way to clean.

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