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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Are you looking for a hot tub to relax in? If so, then an inflatable hot tub might be the perfect solution. But before you make your purchase, there are five things you need to know about inflatable hot tubs. We will talk about what it is made of, how much space it takes when not in use, and more!
Inflatable Hot Tub

Buying an inflatable hot tub can be an excellent investment for those who want to enjoy some relaxation and fun with friends and family. However, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making the purchase. After all, nobody wants to buy an inflatable hot tub to find out that they don’t like it or have some major quality control issues. 

To help you avoid this situation, we’ve put together five things that everyone should consider before buying their first inflatable hot tub.

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Things to look out for when buying an inflatable hot tub

Brand does matter

When buying an inflatable hot tub, make sure to buy one from a well-known brand. 

The quality of the material is important because you want your inflatable hot tub to last for years without any issues. If the brand has excellent reviews and people seem happy with their purchase, it’s probably worth investing in. 

A brand you can trust will have easy access to customer service if any issues arise with your inflatable hot tub

Make sure to read reviews online so that you know what you’re buying.

Many people buy inflatable hot tubs to relax and unwind, but having a spa-like experience doesn’t mean that the one you choose has to be expensive! There are plenty of great brands that offer high-quality products at an affordable price point.

Inflatable hot tub dimensions and people capacity

Inflatable hot tub dimensions and people capacity

Outer dimensions

When fully inflated, most hot tubs are about four feet in diameter.

Most inflatable spas only accommodate two adults sitting side-by-side on built-in seats or benches around the edges.

If you intend to add more than two adults, or if you want a hot tub that can accommodate seating for the whole family, look at larger round models. 

Inner dimensions

The ideal size of your inflatable hot tub is not just about its outer dimensions. While this will influence the number of people you can fit in it, what’s also important are the inner dimensions. This includes how wide and deep your water chamber should be so that there is enough space for jets to work their magic on all sides of you. 

If this is not done, you are likely to have jets that are either too powerful for your liking or simply ineffective because they only go in one direction.

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Running costs

Running costs vary greatly depending on the size of your inflatable hot tub.

Water costs

Water costs are an issue if you live in an area where water is metered (e.g., in London), and if you plan to run your inflatable hot tub for lengthy periods, it can be a high cost over a year. So again, consider how much water will be used in an average session before making a final decision on model size or brand – this will help keep running costs down.

Inflatable hot tub dimensions and people capacity

Energy costs

This is another important factor to consider. If you live in an area where the cost of energy use is higher than average, it might not be worth buying a portable inflatable hot tub for your home. This is because it will cost more to run a portable hot tub than a traditional one.

Buying chemicals

Buying chemicals for a hot tub can be expensive. But with an inflatable hot tub, you don’t need chemicals because the water stays clean and clear. This is a huge plus for those tired of spending money on buying chemicals to keep their spa looking nice.

Electricity and safety

The first thing to know is that all inflatable hot tubs need electricity. Electric heaters are used in most of them, and some even have jets that require electricity for their operation. If you buy one with an electric heater, it will be connected directly to the power outlet so make sure there’s a plug nearby or install one for convenience.

In addition, make sure you have a GFI in your circuit breaker box to prevent any accidents with electricity and water

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Accessories and features

Accessories and features
  • A carry bag or storage case

This is a must-have if you want to deflate and store your hot tub away when the weather gets warmer so that it doesn’t lose any air pressure from being left out in the sun for too long. Most hot tubs come with their bags now, but some don’t. If you’re buying online, make sure it comes with one.

  • A pressure gauge and an inflation hose

This is a very important feature that not all spas include, but it’s worth having to make sure your hot tub stays at the right air pressure for longer. It also makes inflating the tub much easier if you don’t have an electric pump (although most pumps today are electric). 

  • An insulated lid

This is another feature that not all inflatable spas have, but it can be important, especially in colder climates. It also helps keep your water warm by preventing heat loss, especially if you’re using it at night or when there are fewer hours of sunlight available.

  • An inflatable cover with a lock and key system

This is important for both safety reasons (it keeps children from falling into the tub) and keeping the heat in.


Do you ever long for the days of whiling away on a hot summer day in your backyard, lounging by an inflatable pool? Well, now it’s possible with the advent of inflatable hot tubs. The ease and convenience these portable spas provide have made them extremely popular, but there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. 

In our article, we provided you with information that will help guide your decision-making process.


🔎 What size of inflatable hot tub should I get?

When first shopping for a spa, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options. The best way to choose is based on how many people you’re planning to use your hot tub. Most spas have room for up to four adults at one time, but the larger ones can fit as many as eight.

❓ What type of heating system in the inflatable hot tub should I look for?

When shopping around, you’ll find two types of heaters: hard wired and portable. The best option is hard-wired because it heats up faster and has more energy-efficient components than a portable heater.

⏳ How long does it take for the water to heat up?

In general, a hard-wired heater will give you hot water in about half an hour.

💊 Can I put additives into my inflatable hot tub?

Adding additives can help you maintain your water’s pH balance, which is excellent for soothing sore muscles and giving yourself a more rejuvenating experience. However, some chemicals are not compatible with the vinyl material that most spas are made out of. Before adding anything to your hot tub, ensure it won’t damage the vinyl or create leaks in the seams where the vinyl panels meet.

🧐 What type of inflatable hot tubs maintenance is required?

Most inflatable hot tubs require little to no extra care, but you will need to ensure they are stored and maintained correctly between uses. When storing your inflatable spa, the best way to keep it in good shape for future use is by letting all of the water drain out completely and storing it in a cool, dry place.

❓ Where should I put my inflatable hot tub?

When deciding where to put your inflatable hot tub, keep these things in mind: first is sunlight exposure. Even though you can’t feel the heat from the sun when you’re sitting inside a closed-up spa on a cold night, the ultraviolet rays can be damaging to your vinyl. Sunlight exposure is also important because it will affect how quickly you can heat your spa, so avoid putting them where they’ll get direct sunlight all day long.

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