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Pro Review: Is Saltron Mini Worth Buying in 2023?

An expert’s review of the Saltron Mini Chlorinator — Read our guide to save time and make the most of your money with a budget-friendly salt system

I decided to write a review about the Saltron Mini Salt System, as I have a lot of questions from my subscribers. They want a professional’s point of view of the chlorinator because they doubt the owner’s reviews — is it simple to use, as they claim?

Amazing Product!! The Saltron chlorinator is brilliant! I only added a little bit of salt in my hot tub before switching on my hot tub and letting the chlorinator work its magic! It’s very easy-to-use. Prior to purchasing this product, I would have to test my hot tub on a regular basis by adding chlorine. It was a real pain. The chlorine level of my hot tub has been perfect ever since I started using the Saltron system and I only need to check the levels once a week. I definitely recommend this product. It’s almost maintenance-free!Reviewed by Ric from NY

Saltron Mini Salt System

Let’s look at the Saltron Mini’s functions first. I notice right away that it is equipped with almost all the features that I’d like to see in a chlorinator and it surpasses its competitors. I tested the system for two months to see how it works, I will discuss this in detail later on. But first, let’s take a look at the functions of the Saltron Mini and figure out what each of them relates to. 

Main features of the Saltron Mini that make it a winner

  • Supporting up to 2,000 gallons of water — think this is too much for a hot tub? Read below to know why this is just right
  • Ergonomic design — only one has a cell holder included
  • Easy plug and play installation — no plumbing required
  • Built-in timer — to adjust the daily chlorine output. I’ll explain how to to set it up according to your needs down below
  • Electrolytic Cell — produces chlorine output up to 32 g per day. Read below to find out if it is enough
  • Scale Preventive Mechanism — reverse polarity function for self-cleaning
  • Low energy consumption — saves energy
  • Critical fault protection with automatic shut-down — the safety of use
  • Detailed and easy-to-understand manufacturer’s manual

Saltron Mini — a properly sized chlorine generator for most hot tubs

Saltron Mini Salt System specificated as up to 600-gallon hot tubs and 1,500-2,000 gallon swim spas, this might seem quite excessive for a typical hot tub. But here is why you need a salt system that will have a lot of extra capacity — almost 1.5 to 2 times your actual size. If you downsize your saltwater system, you may have trouble maintaining good chlorine levels during peak demand or hot periods, it will continuously operate at maximum power and may fail faster. 

Verdict: The Saltron Mini works most effectively in hot tubs up to 500 gallons (6-persons) and swim spas up to 2000 gallons.

How it works

You simply dip the cell into the water and turn on the power. The Saltron Mini Salt System produces pure chlorine (that is a sanitizer) by electrolysis — a natural chemical reaction between salt and water. Chlorine is generated from the salt dissolved in water by electricity from the electrolytic cell. After the salt turns into chlorine and removes contaminants, the chlorine slowly converts back to salt and the chlorinator starts the process (cycle) again. This process is cyclical because the salt does not evaporate from the water. So you only have to add salt once and the system will use it every time.

Technical characteristics and functions

The Saltron Mini Salt System has a very simple design and consists of two main parts: 

  • Power supply — Control Panel with a Built-in Timer
  • Electrolytic cell — Titanium Plates with a Reverse Polarity Function

Power Supply Unit

Saltron Mini Control Panel — simple control

The Saltron mini is equipped with an easy-to-use control panel featuring control buttons, a display, and LED indicators. The control panel can indicate whether the device is working properly or not and if there are any problems and how to address them.

If you see the operation hours on the display along with a green LED light, it means that the cell is working and the sanitizer is producing. You can see bubbles coming from the cell while it works. If it displays a yellow, red, or blinking indicator, it means that there are some problems. What went wrong and how to fix the problem is clearly explained in the manual (see the Troubleshooting section).

Аnother useful feature of the power supply is that the recommended water conditions are printed straight on the control panel and always in sight. So you don’t have to look for instructions every time you test the water.

Saltron Mini Power supply control panel

The Saltron Mini Timer — automatic chlorine generation

The timer regulates the duration of the cycle, the longer the cycle, the more chlorine is produced. The requirement for chlorine depends on many factors such as the volume of water, intensity of use (pollution caused by bathers increases the need for a sanitizer), weather (direct sunlight reduces chlorine effectiveness) — all these factors increase the chlorine demand. Therefore, a big advantage of the Saltron Mini is that the timer has a very smooth adjustment feature, you can set any number of hours per day for it to work. To find the optimal mode of operation, you need to test the water for free chlorine level with some test strips every day during the first week or two to determine the working time at which the concentration of free chlorine is maintained at 3,0-4,0 ppm. Reduce the working hours if the concentration is above the norm, and increase the working hours if it is lower. To change the operating time, just hold the timer button for three seconds as you see in the picture below. 

Saltron Mini timer activation

Electrolytic Cell Unit

Saltron Mini Cell — long-lasting and most reliable titanium plates

Produces up to 32 grams (1.1 oz) of free chlorine per day. But what does this mean? Do I need a lot or is it enough? This is more than enough for hot tubs and spas up to 2,000 gallons. So it can sanitize the water when there is a maximum load and during the peak periods. 

The Saltron Mini is the only chlorinator that is equipped with a cell holder. The manufacturer has taken little important things into account so that you do not need to look for where to put the cell while soaking (according to safety regulations, you must remove the cell when in the water).

Note: A cell is a replaceable unit, if indicators show that chlorinator cell is at end of life, you need a new cell.

Solaxx Saltron Replacement Cell

Reverse Polarity Function — cell lifespan maximizer

The Saltron Mini cell is designed to automatically self-clean. It uses a reverse polarity process. The control unit regularly changes the polarity charge of electrodes (positive or negative) and prevents the accumulation of minerals. This chemistry process provides a self-cleaning and enables to prolong the lifespan of the cell. This also maximizes the cell’s ability to manufacture chlorine and reduces maintenance time.

How to install and operate a Saltron Mini salt system


The installation process of the Saltron Mini is very simple, it took me about 10 minutes keeping in mind that I unpacked a brand new one. You don’t need any plumbings or special equipment. You are unlikely to struggle with the installation as the manual is quite clear and detailed.

  • Mount the power supply on the spa wall or the wall near it. Сhoose a place without direct access to sunlight and water. I used a cordless screwdriver but you can use a manual one (the stainless steel screws are provided).
Saltron Mini power supply mounting process
  • Anchor the cell holder with the adhesive tape.
Saltron Mini cell holder mounting process
  • Ensure that you have easy access to a GFCI socket. Install it if it’s not there because the use of extension cords is prohibited by safety regulations.

Now the device is installed and ready to work. You should check the water chemistry before starting because the system requires balanced water to work properly. The levels should be as shown in the table below. Use test strips to check them and adjust the chemistry to balance if needed.

Parameter Recommended Level
Salt2000 to 3000 ppm
Free Chlorine2.0 to 3.0 ppm
pH7.2 to 7.6
Total Alkalinity80 to 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness200 to 400 ppm
Cyanuric acid (stabilizer, used in outdoor spas only)50 to 80 ppm

Note: if you will start the saltwater system for the first time you should also refill and clean your spa, read how to convert to saltwater in detail in our article.


  • Add salt and wait for it to dissolve
  • Put the cell into the water (one foot under)
  • Plug in the power supply
  • The display will show you a default screen with the current hours of operation per day. Adjust it according to your needs (I told you how to do it above
  • The Saltron Mini works if the green LED is on and you see bubbles from the cell

Salt Requirements

The best salt is 99.9% pure salt. Check that it is marked as pool salt for chlorine generators. Do not use salt with more than 1% yellow prussiate of soda, rock, iodized salt, or salt with anti-caking additives. Always check your water salt level with salinity test strips before adding salt to the spa. If the salinity exceeds 4000 ppm, the salt should be removed from the water as it can damage your hot tub equipment. The only solution is to drain and add fresh water.

How to Maintenance

The Saltron Mini cell should be inspected every 3 months. If scaling occurs, the cell should be cleaned with vinegar

Saltron Mini cell cleaning process

The Saltron Mini saltwater system eliminates the need to add chlorine, but you still have to test and balance the water to maintain recommended levels, as I showed in the table above.

Issues of Saltron Mini that I found

  • Wanted the cell to work longer — it is a common problem for all chlorinators. Cells last 1-3 years and should be replaced. Clean it regularly to extend the lifespan.
  • No chlorine detection system — The Saltron Mini can’t detect chlorine levels, you can only adjust an operation time. For example, if there is intensive use and you need more sanitizer, you need to increase the chlorine output manually (add operation time on control panel). Chlorinators with a chlorine detector system can adjust the chlorine output automatically. But such a system costs almost double the price, if you are ready — consider this model.


The Saltron Mini Salt System — the simplest and the easiest chlorine generator for hot tubs and little swim spas. It has all the required functions at an affordable price. It has a built-in timer, easy installation, and maintenance process, high effectiveness, and a self-cleaning titanium cell that makes the Saltron Mini the best chlorinator up to $250. 


🤠How to use a Saltron Mini chlorine generator?

You should install the device, add salt, and drop the cell into the water. Chlorine will be produced automatically, you only need to adjust the timer and test water regularly — we considered how to determine the number of working hours you need and how to maintain the water chemistry in our Saltron Mini detailed review.

👨‍🔧How to install a Saltron Mini chlorine generator?

You should mount the Saltron Mini power supply on the spa wall or nearby wall and provide access to the GFCI outlet. Installation doesn’t require any plumbing or special equipment. You can read a detailed review of the Saltron Mini installation process in this article.

👌How to adjust the Saltron Mini chlorine generator timer?

To change operating time, just hold the timer button for 3 seconds. The default number of working hours is 5. Вut this is not suitable every time. In the article, we considered how to determine the working hours and the main factors that affect it.

📌What salt to use with the Saltron Mini chlorine generator?

The best salt for the Saltron Mini chlorinator is a 99.9% pure salt. Always check that it is marked as pool salt for chlorine generators, otherwise you risk damaging your equipment.

⚖️How much salt should I add to the hot tub with a Saltron Mini chlorine generator?

The amount of salt depends on the initial salinity of water, so always check it with test strips before adding salt to the spa water. For example, if the initial water salinity is 2,000 ppm you’ll need about 0,4 lbs (0,2 kg) on 100 gallons (378 l).

☝️How to calculate the volume of the hot tub?

You need to know the spa volume to determine the number of chemicals used to disinfect. Use the formula that works best for your hot tub spa:

Rectangular or square formula: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

Circular formula: Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons

Oval formula: Long Diameter x Short Diameter x Average Depth x 5.5 = Total Gallons

Irregular shapes or sloping sides: Long Diameter x Short Diameter x Average Depth x 5.5 = Total Gallons x .85 = Adjusted Total Gallons

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