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Review of ALL Intex hot tubs. Tech tests + REAL user’s cases

Worried that you’re going to pay extra for the wrong hot tub? Not anymore! We give you an expert review and feature analysis of the best hot tubs on the market!

Creating a small but whole-functional home-spa was never as easy as it is now. Do you know why?

In recent years, we have seen the rise of a brand new jacuzzi experience — inflatable hot tubs.

A deservedly leading position in this category from year to year is occupied by Intex — a well-known manufacturer of all kinds of inflatable goods for sports, recreation, and hobbies.

We suggest you spend the next 5 minutes with pleasure to not only learn everything from A-to-Z about Intex models but also choose the option that suits you best.

Intex inflatable hot tubs comparative table

1 SimpleSpa Bubble Massage
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Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x26
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs: 9
🏆 Winner in the category “Medium Hot Tubs”
A hot tub that will work reliably for years.
Has 100 jets that will massage all your sides and hard-to-reach places on the back.
Compact and lightweight, easy to move and install, even for 1 person.
“Has to be my best purchase during COVID season. It’s very durable with great power jets. It heats up quite quickly and I love the hot tub for the price! Very good value!"
- Pal, AZ
2 PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa with Energy Efficient Spa Cover
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x28
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs: 126.74
🏆 Winner in the category “Cost-effective home spas“
A model with an additional inner round cover.
x2 times spas stay hot.
Up to -50% on electricity bills = $288 avg. annual energy savings
“It’s been a month since I bought this 6-person inflatable hot tub and my family is in awe! It took just 10 minutes to set it up plus another 30 minutes to fill it with water. I like the canvas cover that it comes with along with an area to store the inflatable plug, making it very compact.”
- Danny, FL
3 PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Set
More deals (4 person)
More deals (6 person)
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x28
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs: 102.21
🏆 Winner in the category “Premium inflatable hot tub”
Models have an extended kit that includes:
Wireless control panel with timer function (you just press a button and the hot tub will heat to a desirable temperature after supper, in the evening, or at 7 o’clock).
An additional evening party function — LED lights — helps to relax.
2 premium headrests made of soft and non-slip material.
“Very easy to set up. The durable pump and blower are not loud and the pump alone is very quiet. Maintaining the water temperature is easy with temperature control. The blower cools the water slightly but not too much to where it is unpleasant. The cover helps with retaining heat.”
- Jeff, MT
Capacity: 6 person
Size/in (DxH): 85x28
Water capacity/gal: 290
Weight (empty)/lbs: 110.44
4 PureSpa plus Bubble Massage Editor's Choice
More deals (4 person)
More deals (6 person)
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x28
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs: 104.72
🏆 Winner in the category “Budget & functional’ hot tub
The 2019 year model with an increased number of jets.
Correctly positioned jets provide body massage from different angles.
“If you’re on the lookout for an inflatable spa during the covid season, this one’s for you. I bought a 4 person spa and I’m loving it. It arrived promptly and it took just 40 minutes to fill it with water. It was also very easy to install.”
- Jack, GA
Capacity: 6 person
Size/in (DxH): 85x28
Water capacity/gal: 290
Weight (empty)/lbs: 114.40
5 PureSpa plus Bubble Massage Set (new model 2020)
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x28
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs: 101.82
🏆 Winner in the category “Best inflatable hot tubs 2020”
This one offers improved sturdy surfaces and better-designed constructions:
newest S1 filtration system.
6-option LED lights.
2 renewed headrests.
“This spa offers great value for money. It arrives in a compact box. It was easy to set up using the built-in compressor that it comes with. It’s not only practical, it looks stunning!
I set it up myself at our camping trailer site and everyone was in awe.”
- Eric, IN
6 PureSpa Bubble Massage
More deals (4 person)
More deals (6 person)
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 77x28
Water capacity/gal: 210
Weight (empty)/lbs:
🏆 Winner in the category ”Bubble/ Air hot tubs”
It is a basic model with additional jets.
Designed specifically for those who buy a jacuzzi for healing, massage, and relaxation of the body. Users told us that they soak in it every night after work.
It helps to improve sleep and relieve muscle and fascia fatigue.
“This should be on everyone’s purchase list. It’s so easy to install and only takes a while to warm up. I like the bubble feature, although it does cool the water slightly. I use it every night and would highly recommend this. I wish I had bought this earlier as it is worth every cent.”
- Natalie, AZ
Capacity: 6 person
Size/in (DxH): 85x28
Water capacity/gal: 290
Weight (empty)/lbs: 114.40
7 PureSpa Bubble Spa Set
More deals (4 person)
More deals (6 person)
Capacity: 4 person
Size/in (DxH): 79x79x28
Water capacity/gal: 220
Weight (empty)/lbs: 105.38
🏆 Winner in the category “Unusual inflatable hot tubs”
Hard water system helps filters to work longer (+15- 40% to service life).
Built-in 120 or 140 bubble jets.
2 filter cartridges are provided.
“So far, so good. Easy to install although it takes around 24 hours to heat 49-degree water to 100 degrees. The spa works well in retaining heat. Although the bubbles cool off the water slightly, it’s not cold to a point where you have to get out. It’s a treat for achy muscles.”
- Bria, TX
Capacity: 6 person
Size/in (DxH): 86x86x28
Water capacity/gal: 310
Weight (empty)/lbs: 150

Why, how, and who did the research?

You can find more information about specifics like the thickness and durability of the jacuzzi walls from any seller. We don’t want to overwhelm you with tons of technical terms. We’ll provide you with the specifics that we feel matter in making the right decision.

Therefore, in this review we:

  • Gathered the experience of more than 1500 regular and real users of the inflatable Intex hot tubs.
  • Found out what customers like and DO NOT like about these models.
  • Analyzed all technical documents and compiled a short and practical summary of each jacuzzi.
ByRossi® analysis methods

Our review is not funded by this manufacturer, their competitors, or anyone else for that matter. We’re here to help you make the right choice that you will enjoy while keeping it serious and based on critical data.

Intex Corporation and its products in a nutshell

For several years, Intex studied the experience of its users in detail and processed feedback from them. As a result, the company created a brand new base model, which became one of the most beloved by users.

Intex models are made of durable material, hold their shape well, and will serve you for several years. The inner part has a non-slip coating that is pleasant to the touch, and this jacuzzi is easy to clean. It can also be quickly deflated and folded into a compact package for storage or moving.

Items have Fiber-Tech Construction that provides additional support of a body. The walls are made of puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material. According to users, an adult can sit on the sidewalls of these hot tubs comfortably. Buyers also noted that the surface of the product is difficult to puncture. Hot tubs can be deflated in 30 minutes and folded into a small package (average 34 x 20 x 36 inches) for ease of storage or moving.

The manufacturer has been on the market since the 1970s and has long established itself as a reliable supplier of essential household goods. The first inflatable swimming pool was created by Intex in 1997 – 23 years ago.

Here’s what users say about the company’s work, its products, and services: 

The manufacturers have created a well-built product out of sturdy material. It has a good design that allows you to sit on the rim of the tub while your legs hang down into the water. So far, I’ve only struggled with balancing the water using chemicals. I bought the spa, along with 2 spa seats and chemicals for around $500. I’ve recommended the spa to my friends and family.Leiza, AZ
I received my hot tub far quicker than I had expected. It was simple to set up. It helps with my sore muscles. 3 people can sit comfortably in the spa. It retains heat well and performs better than I expected. We adore it!Robin, NY

Intex inflatable hot tubs. Wide model range

4-person Intex hot tubs

PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Set PureSpa plus Bubble Massage PureSpa Bubble Massage PureSpa plus Bubble Massage Set
Premium model with additional parts and options2019 year model equipped with jets on all inner sidesBudget hot tub with 100 + air jetsA model with additional jets
77 x 28 inches
PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa with Deluxe Spa Cover SimpleSpa Bubble Massage Bubble Spa Set, octagon
Includes a 50% more effective coverThe cheapest functional model with a simple designUnique medium + size spa
77 x 28 inches77 x 26 inches79x79x28 inches

6-person Intex hot tubs

PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Set
PureSpa plus Bubble Massage
85 x 28 inches
Premium medium inflatable hot tub includes an extended additional set2019 year model with additional jets
PureSpa Bubble Massage
Bubble Spa Set, octagon
85 x 28 inches66 x 66 x 28 inches
Basic model with the most demanded features A large model that has a unique structure

Reviews about Intex inflatable hot tubs

On average, more than 30% of users give excellent ratings to Intex. But more importantly, these models meet key customer needs.

We communicate with users every day and already more than 1800 of them have determined for themselves 4 top-parameters:

  • Ease of installation and use;
  • Good capacity of the hot tub;
  • Powerful jets for effective massage;
  • Hot tubs should heat up quickly and retain the heat.

When compared to other hot tubs, Intex models tend to receive higher ratings from those who already use them. Also, buyers claim that they are not ashamed to buy this jacuzzi as a gift or recommend it to relatives and friends.

Let’s find out if the users’ point of view has changed during last year.

Just set up the spa this past weekend, 17-May-2020, the setup was straightforward and quite simple. Got it up and running quickly.Based on what I noticed about construction, it appears to be very durable, but as previously stated, we just set it up. The hot tub and cover appear to be constructed of heavy gauge material, and I hope it will last for years to come. The pump/ filter system is mostly plastic but appears to be well built, efficient, and is very quiet. The system heated the spa within 24 hours. At this point with not even a week of the spa experience, I do not see any issues whatsoever with this purchase. Please note, this is an inflatable spa and should not be compared to a full time, permanently installed unit.I gave it 5 stars based on my ease of setup, review of what I saw with the workmanship of the product, and how it has operated to date. However, based on what I experienced, I would expect this spa to be a solid purchase.Donny, IL
While we bought this for us, we can hardly keep the kids out of it! It was way easier to set up than anticipated. All you need is a water source and a power outlet. A little more guidance on getting initial chemical levels right would be appreciated, but a little googling, and we got it right. Great product that we’ve already gotten a week of joy out of.Travis, NE
I purchased this spa for my husband’s birthday during the pandemic knowing our summer plans may be postponed. I read all the good online reviews. When it arrived the material was sturdy. The tub was easy to set up. I was worried about the bubbles but the bubbles are powerful and massaging. It takes about a day to heat up the first time. We leave the temperature at 98 and crank it up to 104 an hour or two before using it. We also bought the energy-efficient cover which is well worth it.Jaime, VA
This is an innovative design, with everything in the box, including a pump, a pressure gauge, and even a flotation device for chlorine tablets. The problem is that after 6 to 10 months, something will break down concerning the pump. The customer service department is very responsive, and will on occasion even send out a replacement pump assembly. The hot tub is a great thing to have in your backyard. The top setting on the thermostat will keep you very warm for working out sore muscles. The cold setting will give you a good chill on a hot summer day. The innovative design lets the unit be easily disassembled and stored, or can go with you if you move. The final time is extremely durable, and will not be a concern for puncture holes.Bill, NC

Intex inflatable hot tubs manuals

We have collected all the instructions for using the models presented in the article. 

There are also general instructions on how to unpack and run the jacuzzi.
Also, you can familiarize yourself with the rules and specifics of using non-standard functions and additional components that may be related to Intex inflatable hot tub models.

#Type of manualLinkAbout
1Hot tub quick start guideGeneral handbook — how to start your hot tub
2PureSpa manualTechnical details for PureSpa hot tubs
3Polygonal spa manualTechnical details for the Purespa Bubble Spa Set model
4SimpleSpa manualTechnical details for the SimpleSpa Bubble Massage
5Repair kit manualInstructions for using additional spare parts or hot tub features
6Wireless spa manual
7Headrest spa manual
8LED lights manual

Some advice about the usage of Intex inflatable hot tubs 

What chemicals should you use for Intex inflatable hot tubs?

Intex inflatable hot tubs require the same routine care as any other hot tub. Each model, like a regular bath, needs to be washed occasionally. To ensure that the jacuzzi is a safe place to soak, the water must be additionally purified (like in a pool). To do this, you need to add chemicals and the ones you use are up to you.

Sanitizing systems can be chlorine or bromine-based

To save your time, we studied the offers on the market and selected the Top 3 Chemical Start Up Kits for Hot Tubs, so you can save money and buy what you need. In this article, we have dispelled marketing gimmicks and highlighted the products that you need.

“Recommendations from technical experts Top 3 Chemical Start Up Kits for Hot Tubs

Possible types of seats for Intex inflatable hot tubs 

As we mentioned earlier, you receive seats in some Intex models with an inflatable hot tub. For example, the most popular 4-person model PureSpa includes a complete set of accessories, an extra filter box as well as a maintenance kit.

Intex 4-person PureSpa hot tub set with filter cartridges and accessories

You can purchase seats separately. Seats are slip-resistant, and they give you added height with different height options, 3 and 5.8 inches. Seats can be easily removed, added, and moved.

You can install the original Intex seats inside the hot tub on either side

These seats are also preferred by those who have purchased a jacuzzi from competing manufacturers. Intex accessories are sold at an affordable price and are made of durable quality materials.

Filter requirements for inflatable Intex models 

Upgraded S1 type filters are used in Intex models. It is made with easy-to-clean, heavy-duty Dacron paper for ultimate filtration.

(In earlier versions, models of different sizes are used, they are marked with letters from A to H).

Like the seats, Intex filters are ordered by users of other companies’ hot tubs, which confirms the quality of the goods.

Arrived quickly, good quality, and works well!!! Keeps my hot tub nice and clean!Patricia, TX

How to use an Intex inflatable hot tub in winter?

Intex inflatable hot tubs can be used outdoors if the air temperature is above 40°F. 

To help you understand when you can be outside in the spa, we’ve put together a generalized map for you. If you live above the blue dividing line, then most likely you can be in the jacuzzi from April to October. If you live below the line, then you can soak in the spa from spring to late fall.

An indicative timetable to show when you can use the Intex inflatable hot tub outdoors

If you use the jacuzzi outside, you can leave it filled with water for several days. To maintain the temperature of the water, as well as to protect the jacuzzi from debris and leaves, always cover it with a lid when not in use.

If you want to soak in the jacuzzi, especially on cooler days, we recommend that you purchase the Deluxe Cover

This is a versatile cover that fits all Intex 4-seat PureSpa models. On average, you can save up to $ 300 per year (by reducing your electricity bills). Thus, this cover will pay off in less than 1 year.

Bottom line

All Intex models are sold with standard covers, 2 replaceable filter cartridges, a floor mat, and a carry bag. The manufacturer has taken care of you, he knows exactly what you need to use. The company respects its customers and sells necessary equipment and spare parts complete with the hot tub at a low price. 

For our part, we looked under the hood of each model and considered all their details with an open mind. If you have never bought a hot tub before, then this will be a great start for you. If you move frequently and want to be mobile, but not lose comfort, feel free to choose Intex inflatable hot tubs. With these, you can rest assured that you will be in for a pleasant and relaxing experience.


⏳ How many years does an inflatable Intex hot tub last?

The average lifecycle is 5+ years, but it depends on 2 basic points: the durability of the model as well as how well you are looking after it.

1. According to 1300+ real customer reviews and technical expertise, Intex hot tubs are one of the most durable and well-made models on the market.

2. We recommend that you read carefully through the instructions before installing and using it. Short articles by Peter Rossi (ex-Head of Product Design at Jacuzzi Group, a professional hot tub designer) are a good place to start.

💲 How much do inflatable Intex hot tubs cost?

In general, the cost will be from $800 to $2000. The cheapest hot tubs will be functional but without any bells and whistles. Better quality models like the PureSpa Deluxe hot tub are made of premium material. It might include a chemical kit and additional options, as well as parts like cushioned headrests, seats, and multi-colored LED lights.

〰️ How many gallons does an Intex hot tub hold?

The average water capacity is about 210 gallons for 4-person hot tubs and 290 gallons for 6-person hot tubs. In the case of a 6+ person hot tub, the water capacity will be higher.

🏪What is the best place to buy an Intex hot tub?

It is better to use a guarantee with buyer protection. To avoid the hassle, buy from a trustful seller (example — A-to-Z Warranty from Amazon). Manufacturers are not good at dealing with defects of inexpensive products. Therefore, we advise that you buy from well-reputed sites that take responsibility.

❄️ Can Intex hot tubs be used in winter?

In some cases, yes. Intex inflatable hot tubs can be used and placed outdoors if the temperature outside is above 40°F. The water in the jacuzzi should not exceed 104°F (in winter up to 100°F).

🌵 Is it alright to leave the Intex inflatable hot tub filled with water outside?

Yes, if the air temperature outside is above 40°F. We also recommend you to:

Cover the tub when it is not in use (this will help keep out debris and keep it warm);
– Use a cost-effective (reinforced) original Intex cover;
– Do not use jets while your hot tub heats the water.

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