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Top 3 Corner Hot Tubs to Fit any Space and Budget [2022]

Have you been thinking about a jacuzzi for a long time, but are afraid that it will take up a lot of space? Corner hot tubs are designed for just such cases and take up minimal space — consider the best options on the market in our article.
Top 3 Corner Hot Tubs

When you are thinking about buying a hot tub, there are a variety of nuances to consider. An important one is the shape of your hot tub. Today we will focus on one of the rather rare options of hot tubs — corner ones. There are not so many of them on the market, and the saddest thing is that they are difficult to find in stock, especially the high-quality ones.

Since many people have asked me about what corner hot tubs I can recommend, I decided to do some research to determine the best models that are currently in stock. And I’m ready to present them to you!

(These models are available on marketplaces at the time of writing, perhaps not all of them will be in stock later).

Comparison table: Top-3 Corner Hot Tubs

To choose the top three models, we researched more than 20 different corner hot tubs. Through personal interviews, review research, and wet tests, we figured out exactly what criteria are important and how to choose a corner hot tub (we’ll talk about that next). 

For now, in the table, we have provided a brief overview of these models. If you want to know more about each of them along with the pros and cons, you can go to a detailed review.

The Most Powerful Jets

AquaRest Select 300

AquaRest Select 300
Type: Plug & Play
Jets: 20
Occupancy: 2-Person
Voltage (volts): 120V
Material: Impact-resistant polyethylene shell and plastic
Warranty: 5-year shell, 1-year parts, and 90 days labor

Best fit for those who are suffering from back and knees pain and need a powerful massage

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The Most Energy-Efficient & Spacious

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub
Type: Plug & Play
Jets: 36
Occupancy: 3-Person
Voltage (volts): 120V
Material: Lucite-Xtra acrylic with an ABS base layer for strength
Warranty: 1-year parts & 90 days labor

Best fit for a small company that likes to soak in hot water for a long time

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The Best for Indoor Use with Lots of Extra Features

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub
Type: Whirlpool
Jets: 14
Occupancy: 2-Person
Voltage (volts): 110V
Material: Acrylic
Warranty: 2-year parts

Best fit for those who love stylish tubs with extra features for comfort and relaxation

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How to Choose a Corner Hot Tub

Choosing a corner hot tub is not that much different from other hot tubs, and yet there are peculiarities. Usually, corner hot tubs are preferred by those who want to save space or who have a comfortable place in the corner where they can fit.

So, what criteria to pay attention to while choosing a corner hot tub?

  1. Spacious enough. Since corner jacuzzis are not designed for a large number of people, you need to be sure that the claimed 2-3 people (depending on the model) comfortably fit in the selected tub.
  2. Easy and fast setup. Few people like to tinker with the installation of a hot tub — it is convenient when it takes a minimum of time and you can immediately use it. Usually, you can talk to owners and find out how hard it was to install their hot tub (and we already did it for you in our detailed review).
  3. High-quality material. The best materials for hot tubs include acrylic, rotomolded plastic, vinyl, marine-grade aluminum, and wood. 
  4. Powerful jets. Jets are important, as this is often one of the main reasons why people choose a hot tub — to get a great massage, to relax, and maybe even to get rid of the pain.
  5. Quality water heating and temperature maintenance. There is usually a difference, albeit a small one, in the speed of the hot tub heating. Also, some hot tubs are better at maintaining temperature, while others have a faster drop in temperature. This can depend on the climate as well as the hot tub itself. If that’s what’s super important to you, we have a winner in this category.

Other less important criteria include:

  • Additional features (LED light, Bluetooth speakers)
  • Stylish design
  • Takes little space
  • Comfortable seats
  • No need for major electrical work
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy to move on

So, now you know what’s important when choosing a hot tub and especially a corner one, and we are ready to start with our detailed reviews.

Detailed Review

Here we have compiled all the necessary information that you should know before you decide to purchase any corner hot tub. We advise you to study it, and only then make your conclusions.

AquaRest Select 300 — The Most Powerful Jets

AquaRest Select 300
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  • Easiest to move on 
  • Has the most comfortable seats
  • Helps greatly with knees and back pain due to powerful jets
  • Has the biggest warranty on our list (5-year shell and 1-year parts)
  • Has some cool features like a waterfall and LED lights


  • Some users have complained of a flimsy cover
  • If you choose the 120V version, the hot tub heats up almost all day. If quick heating is vital to you, you can choose the Premium version that is convertible to the 220V, which heats up in 4-5 hours.

If you are looking for a proven quality brand, and in a hot tub you value the most high-power hydrotherapy jets, AquaRest Select 300 is the best option. Many users have claimed that this hot tub helps them cope with pain and gives a great massage while sitting in really comfy seats. In comparison, Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub has not-so-strong jets that can relax you but don’t have a therapeutic effect. Back to AquaRest, it is also not difficult to handle alone — the lid is easy to remove and the hot tub itself is the most lightweight on our list. You’ll move it without much difficulty.

The material used to make Aquarest hot tubs and spas is unique — it’s polyethylene rotationally molded pieces. Do not be alarmed by these strange words — this material is quite sturdy and durable, and there are almost no cases where the hot tub is cracked. Besides, a five-year warranty on the shell gives some confidence in the purchase, doesn’t it?

Of the small minuses we noticed, the cover that comes with the hot tub is not perfect. It’s quite thin, and if you live in a region with a harsh climate (like a lot of snow in the winter), it can start to sag. Also, the 120V version of the hot tub is quite slow to heat up compared to its 220V sister.

If you need more information about Aquarest Spas, check out our another article with a full detailed review of this model and its modification.

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub — The Most Energy-Efficient

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub
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  • The most spacious on our list (great for 3 people)
  • The best in maintaining temperature during use
  • The easiest to clean and maintain
  • Takes little space 
  • The seats have 3 different heights, so it’s easy to find the best one


  • The cover is soft and fills with rainwater, so it becomes hard to lift and dump
  • If you would like to update it from 120V to 240V, you’ll need to call an electrician

If you dream of a powerful hot tub that will stay warm as long as you want it to (even on low power), we’ve got the USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub for you. Unlike with the AquaRest Select 300, 110V is not a disadvantage for this hot tub, as the material here is better insulated and therefore maintains heat almost perfectly. The jets may be a little weaker here, but they still work fine. 

Of the other benefits, this hot tub is compact, yet comfortably accommodates three people, as reported by 58% of the people we surveyed. And, of course, the unique advantage is that the seat height can be changed (3 modes).

As for the cons — most negative feedback was received on the cover, which comes with a hot tub. All because it is soft and can collect rainwater and become heavy. Many owners say that they solved this problem by buying another hard cover — this way even the temperature is maintained better. 

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub — The Best for Indoor Use with Lots of Extra Features

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub

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  • Most of all extra features for comfort soaking
  • The gentlest hydro jets to relax you
  • The most stylish design
  • Has a remote which is very helpful


  • Bluetooth speakers are useless (the sound is muffled)
  • You can only install it inside your home
  • The drain is not a standard size, but an adapter will make it work

If you don’t mind a hot tub inside your home and like different extras at a reasonably affordable price, Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub is the choice for you. In addition to 14 whirlpool jets, this tub also has 6 adjustable water jets and 8 air bubble jets. While the hydro jets focus more on massage, the air bubbles envelop and stimulate your body with a more soothing, gentle sensation. 

It is impossible not to tell about the features of this whirlpool. The remote control allows you to control the operation without unnecessary movement and stress. The lights help to create a special atmosphere. The Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, may not be as useful, and you could save some money on them.

About the other nuances — this tub you can keep only inside the house, but its installation is several times easier than that of similar whirlpools. 

Best Alternative to Corner Hot Tub — Lifesmart Spas Sereno 4

Best Alternative to Corner Hot Tub
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  • Heats up quickest
  • The easiest and quickest setup
  • Works quietly
  • Comes with an Ozonator which helps with killing viruses and bacteria (makes sanitizing easier)


  • It’s pretty heavy and hard to move on
  • The instructions may be not very clear
  • It is stated that it is designed for 4 people, but it is only suitable for 2 (max 3)

If you don’t need a strictly corner hot tub and are open to similar options, the Lifesmart Spas Sereno 4 may be your perfect choice. Everything is quick and easy with it: installation, heating — you don’t have to puzzle over or wait a long time before you can use this hot tub. It’s not exactly angular — let’s just say it has a unique shape. But it’s also quite compact and fits most places. 

Another great bonus is the Ozonator that comes with the hot tub. It helps in disinfecting and can save you money on disinfectants. You will still need them but in smaller quantities.

As for the disadvantages, we can say that the manufacturer lied a little bit. Officially the hot tub is designed for 4 people, but you certainly won’t be comfortable for four. It is ideal for two (sometimes for three) people. It also doesn’t have such cool and powerful jets as AquaRest Select 300, but you still can soak with comfort and enjoy features like a waterfall and lights. Finally, you’ll need some help in case of moving this tub to another place because it’s a bit heavy, but we are sure, that you’ll cope with it.

What Budget to Count On When Buying a Corner Hot Tub

Corner Hot Tub

The average price of a hot tub depends on many factors, from the material and type of tub to the capacity and brand. It is clear that the more well-known brands are more expensive because they have already made a name for themselves. But this is not the only factor, as you have already guessed.

As for corner hot tubs, there are no inflatables among them — the most affordable segment in terms of price. On the other hand, there are no hot tubs that can accommodate many people (usually 2-3) among them. Therefore, their price segment is closer to the average and above average, if expensive materials and a lot of additional features are used.

Price range
What you will get
$2,000 to $5,000 – Materials: durable plastic
– A basic set of jets, rarely with therapeutic effect
– They are usually lightweight & easy to move
– They work on a plug-and-play basis and use a standard 120V outlet
– Short (if any) warranty
$4,000 to $7,000 – Materials: Acrylic, composite, and wood-like panels/cabinets
– More jets
– Have extra features like LED lights
– Better insulation
– Longer warranty, but not as in premium class
$8,000 to $11,000 – Materials: high-quality acrylic\fiberglass
– More powerful jets that can be customized
– Higher energy efficiency due to insulation that reduces operating costs
– More extras
– High-quality materials, powerful pump, heaters, and components
– Long warranty

Our article does not include premium hot tubs, but we have found options that are priced in the middle or even lower class, and still have features as close to premium as possible.

AquaRest Select 300

Winner in: The Most Powerful Jets

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USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub

Winner in: The Most Energy-Efficient & Spacious

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Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub

Winner in: The Best for Indoor Use with Lots of Extra Features

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Hot Tubs’ Extra Perks: Are They Worth Paying More?

Some people think the additional gadgets in a jacuzzi seem like a waste of money, when in fact they can be quite useful and at least enjoyable. We believe that various improvements such as LED lights, built-in waterproof speakers, remote controls, or hot tubs that can be controlled via the smartphone help you relax and enjoy your soaking more. They’re not necessary, but if you want to get the most out of your hot tub, you’ll certainly appreciate such details.

Other upgrades will help improve the hot tub’s overall performance. Improved water purification systems help your spa maintain a higher level of cleanliness, which, of course, is always preferable.


If you’ve decided that a corner hot tub is the best option for you, we’re happy for you. Don’t forget to first decide what’s important to you (jets, capacity, energy efficiency, or maybe different extras). We advise you once again to compare the best models from our list and do not particularly delay the choice in this case, as hot tubs are quickly taken apart.

The Most Powerful Jets

AquaRest Select 300

AquaRest Select 300

- Easiest to move on
- The most comfortable seats
- Reduces knees and back pain
- Has the biggest warranty
- Has a waterfall and LED lights
The Most Energy-Efficient & Spacious

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub

USA Spas Riviera Corner Hot Tub


- The most spacious
- The best in maintaining temperature during use
- The easiest to clean and maintain
- Takes little space
- The seats are at 3 different heights
The Best for Indoor Use with Lots of Extra Features

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub

Ariel Corner Whirlpool Tub

- Most of all extra features for comfort soaking
- The gentlest hydro jets
- The most stylish design
- Easy to manage with a remote


🛀Can you put a hot tub in a corner?

Of course, you can put a hot tub in the corner. It’s best to choose corner jacuzzis, which are designed to fit into corners and take up less space.

❓How much do corner hot tubs weigh?

The average weight of a corner hot tub varies between 200 and 300 lbs.

💵How much do corner hot tubs cost?

Corner hot tubs price is closer to the average and above-average if expensive materials and a lot of additional features are used.

👁️‍🗨️Does a corner tub save space?

Yes, a corner hot tub will take up less space than other types because it will fit perfectly in a free corner. Although it should be borne in mind that they usually hold two people (rarely three).

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